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Nordic Security Service Company Grows Ė

Sector Alarm acquires Finnish company Turvatiimi

Turvatiimi is Finlandís fourth biggest supplier of security services with more than 1000 employees and 35 million euros of revenue. With the acquisition of Turvatiimi, Sector Alarm will now enter a new market and takes yet another step towards the consolidation of the Nordic security market.
- It feels great, with this acquisition, to enter the Finnish market. Turvatiimi is one of the big operators in Finland with substantial skills, knowledge and presence around the country. Our goal is to keep expanding in the Nordic countries, and eventually Ė in the rest of Europe, says JŲrgen Dahl, CEO at Sector Alarm.

Turvatiimiís products and services include system solutions, stationary manned services and patrol, and rendering and on-site support for clients within the private and public sectors. Turvatiimiís existing clients include residential properties and small to medium-sized companies, which will constitute the foundation upon which Sector Alarm will implement their approach in Finland.

Sector Alarmís growth strategy is to grow both organically and through company acquisitions. Over the last three years, Sector Alarm has acquired six companies. Sector Alarmís ambition is to expand and increase their market share within all segments of the markets in which they operate.

Current Turvatiimi CEO, Juha Murtopuro, will continue in his position.

Contact details and more information:
Eystein Lund, Chief Financial Officer for Sector Alarm Holding A/S E-mail: eystein.lund@sectoralarm.com Phone number: +47 906 02 127

Sector Alarm: The Nordic security service company Sector Alarm is a full service provider of services within safety and security for residential and business properties. Under the brand Sector Alarm, private homes and smaller companies are offered a safe environment to live and work in. The sister company G4S in Sweden is a complete provider of safety solutions for companies and public organisations. The Group Sector Alarm was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Oslo. Sector Alarm is the second biggest operator of its kind in Europe and has leading positions in Norway and Sweden and is a market leader in Ireland. Before the acquisition, Sector Alarm had around 420,000 clients.
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