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Spanish acquisitions enabling nationwide footprint

Sector Alarm Spain announces two agreements to acquire a total of 20,000 customers from all over Spain, thereby getting close to a customer base of 30,000 customers!
We have agreed to acquire the portfolio of residential and small sized enterprises from Alartec Entidad de Televigilancia S.L with 12,000 customers. The migration period will start immediately and will be a main focus for the integration team in the coming three months.
Furthermore, we have also agreed the acquisition of a similar portfolio with up to 10,000 customers from INV Proteccion SL. The integration of this acquisition will start as soon as possible following the first one during the spring of 2018.

“We are proud to announce these two acquisition that provides the Spanish organization with a nationwide footprint, both shortening the time required to make the business profitable and speeding up the organic growth opportunities”, CFO Eystein Lund says.

“We are very enthusiastic and have great expectations from these two large and strategically important acquisitions. We promise to take really good care of our new customers whilst never forget focusing on organic growth”, MD Diego Torrico says.

For further questions please contact CFO Eystein Lund.

Contact and further information: Eystein Lund, CFO at Sector Alarm Holding A/S
Email: eystein.lund@sectoralarm.com
Mobile number: +47 906 02 127

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